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Think You Don’t Have Cash?
Think Again!

Many people have more money available to invest than they originally think. The most commonly overlooked sources of ACCESSIBLE CASH are:

  • Your Home's Equity

    • Home Equity Lines of Credit are the easiest and best way to start earning interest on your biggest asset!

  • Certain Retirement Accounts

    • ​We have helped investors move their money from old IRAs into Self-Directed IRAs.

Where to look for cash
  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

    • ​If not fully matured, we may be able pay the early withdrawal penalty.

  • Savings Accounts

    • ​Savings accounts are notorious for their extremely low interest rates. You can do better!

  • Stocks

    • ​Stocks are very easy to convert to cash. SBRC has a guaranteed rate of return. Do your stocks?

  • Bonds

    • ​Depending on the type of bonds you hold, you may be able to trade out.

  • Life Insurance

    • ​Cash value life insurance policies that you no longer need are an easy source of cash to access.

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*This is not a solicitation for investment. This is not investment advice.

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